tomb raider definitive edition xbox one 1080p

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Xbox One 1080p >>>

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Xbox One 1080p

But if they get a good list of games I like Ill play them but Im concerned that Sony want to make every game 1080p and noticed by doing that a lot of games have framerate issues which I didnt have on the XBox One. Devs have done an amazing job for the poor quality hardware they are given. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Adrian Remind me when your PS4 gets another update HyDrO Why? Who cares. The jump from ps1 to ps2 and from ps2 to ps3 was much larger. Also, I want 4K 60fps, but on a $350 machine that is too much to ask. Consoles (current) are whats holding these games back. Ps4 fan base is pathetic Fing hateful hypocrites and their exclusive game offerings are a joke. pfreak Remind me why Id need one. shredenvain Hamstrung by a business deal with Microsoft? The game just came out. Whats important is what you get and having both consoles Sony gives me crap and the consoles technically can both run 1080p games at 60 FPS if the devs optimise it for that Why is Sony giving out PS3 remastered last generation games in its next generation bundles? You must live in a bubble to believe the hype that Sony puts out. Some people love their consoles and some love their PCs. Also, lets see how uncharted 4 performs in SP with 1080p 30fps and if this same guy will complain if the frame rate drops a bit here and there. AlexDe I dont know where the its not noticeable comes from. Xbox One 1080p30. Only thing I dislike about the game is Lara is a lady, ladies do not swear! But a good game, Ive played one mission on Fallout 4 as I opted to play TR instead and I am so glad I did! Sod Next Gen blah blah blah! If you are a gamer enjoy playing the damn game! . Cole Train A game that sold 400 million in one week and is the best competitive shooter in gaming. pfreak I care that much. Themostunclean Way to completely miss the point. Kinect is just meh and nothing that amazing you could make it a door stopper or paper weight if you chose to do so. It really is a shame, and I am still hoping next generation Microsoft wises up and puts out a console thats worth it. bb4f9be48f
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